UV BF Series
NIP Paper, Non Carbon
paper, Thermal paper, Web
General paper
For use with almost all the
papers in the business
forms printers and some
UV Vecta Series
Carton, Polyethylene,
laminated paper, synthetic
paper, and many plastics
Excellent printablity &
drying with low odor for
packaging, & less
aggressive than most
HyBrids on the market.
UV VP Series
PET, PPE, PVC, and most non
porous substrates.
The widest water allowance
compared to other UV inks
with superior adhesion
UV HYBD Series
Carton, paper, synthetic
paper and some plastics
A complete UV curing ink,
and superior to use in UV
characteristics to
competitors UV products.
UV NVR Series
Paper and other forms UV
Web applications.
Excellent drying
performance with high color
density and suitable for
high speed apps.
UV 171 Waterless Plate
Waterless plate printing on
all substrates from paper to
plastic to CD's or credit cards
The ultimate in ease of use
series, with high adhesion
UV VNL Series
Films, Plastics, PPE, PET,
PVC, Yupo, Synthetics
Provides the ultimate in
adhesion properties to the
tough adherence stocks
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